Brand Story Engagements


Personal Branding and Leadership Communications

  1. Brand Story Engagements

    Gain clarity and consensus among your executives, managers and staff about the distinct value your company offers. Find and focus on the one unique thing you own that will tip sales in your favor. Get better performance from your brand, your people and your organization.


    1) Know Your Self

    Find out what really matters. What is essential and irreducible? Come at it from different perspectives.

    • Phone interviews and/or focus groups

    2) Elevate Your Story

    Find story themes and elements that will resonate with your most profitable prospects and customers.

    • Interactive working sessions with leadership team synthesizing interview outcomes

    3) Write Your Story

    Make it true. Make it epic! Pitch it forward. Paint a picture of what the future looks like when you succeed. Connecting with people through story is the most powerful way to instill a belief system.

    • Create and deliver the brand story platform

    4) Perform your Story

    What aspects are best expressed through different media: your website, your newsletter, talking points for different audiences, and your elevator speech?

    • Story-telling training, design team integration, and media activation

    Engagements can typically last one to three months. Faster if scheduling allows.


    Sometimes identifying your most distinct and powerful difference or value is like mining for ore. You sift and take away everything that isn’t it. Sometimes it is like weaving themes and elements together to make a rich tapestry. Sometimes it requires literary investigation to discover what universal themes, archetypes and mythology we can tap into to stir the imaginations of your customers and audiences. For newer companies the process is more like farming, in that you claim fertile ground, sow seeds, cultivate, and then reap what you sow.


    When I host ...workshops are designed for: small business and non-profit leaders, managers, entrepreneurs, sales professionals, consultants, artists, and professionals in transition.

    You’ll learn to:

    • Articulate your purpose and uniqueness
    • Elevate your value in relation to other people's needs
    • Improve communications in order to attract customers and allies to your cause

    The next workshop is Tuesday January 26, 9am–noon. Register

    When you host… we’ll co-develop something unique and profound that adresses specific business needs including:

    • The way you tell your story is too safe or you’re leaving out the best parts
    • You don’t understand your company’s category or position in the category.
    • Your story gets hijacked or watered down before it reaches your customer.
    • Sales are flat.
    • Your departments/managers are siloed.
    • Investors/Funders don’t get you.
    • Your employees bolt for the door at 5 pm.
      Workshops can be 2 to 4 hours, half- or all-day, or conducted progressively over time.
  3. Personal Branding and Leadership Communications

    Leadership development, executive coaching

    Want to rise to the top and make your mark? In transition, off balance, and not sure what your story is? In a position to lead and no one is following? Personal branding can help.

    Find out—at your core—what you’re all about. Define your higher purpose. Ignite your passion. Unleash your personal power. Communicate your vision in the form of a compelling story that people want to play role in. Typically four sessions over four weeks.

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